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At Ayce Snacking Company, we are hardcore snack enthusiasts.  Impulsive grazers.  Habitual finger-lickers.


We’re also snack nerds.  We meticulously dissect and analyze every aspect of each snack we consume.  We ruminate on taste and texture while simultaneously scrutinizing labels to figure out what can be done better.


In a perfect world, we imagine snacking can be ALL YOU CAN EAT. We believe snacks should be guilt free.


That’s why we founded the Ayce Snacking Company.


Our team is made up of experienced R&D and Operations CPG professionals. Between us we have developed and brought to market over 50 products including nutritional bars, cookies, confections, salty snacks, and pizza all of which turn the traditional macronutrient profile upside down. 


Our mission is to satisfy your sweet and savory snacking urges without compromising your goals. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. 


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1700 S Ridgeley Dr

Los Angeles CA 90019

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